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Monday, June 12, 2006

My Spoken Space...

Please take a listen...

Monday, May 22, 2006


You remind me of the stars
You are light in my night skies
I see the moon in your eyes
If I could lay you down on a bed of clouds
And have angels massage your feet
I would do it in a…
Heartbeats seem pointless when you’re not around
Just close your eyes and listen to the sound of my voice
Let me whispers stories of redemption in you ear...

Free your mind...

And let your imagination take us to Zion
I've fallen for you with such ease
And I swear I taste your breath on a winter’s breeze
Baby, where's the Jerusalem you come from?
You make me feel love, natural
Like... like... Rastafarian wisdom
Let me retrace our history back to where we fell in love in heaven...

Were born...

Went our separate ways...

And now we stand here today and I gaze in your eyes
And I believe that God has cradled the brightest stars in the universe
And placed them on your face
Any poetry I write could never equal the beauty in your smile
When we grow old let the rhythm of my voice be the beat that sends the blood rushing through your veins
I promise my voice will live forever and soothe your troubles long after I'm gone
The day that I leave, please know that your name will forever be printed in my heart
And that the bitterness of your absence is the thing that I hate the most
If I could, I'd stay here...

Right here...

Where you and I are close

Even though we are mere mortals in this world
Our love will linger in the attics of heaven forever
The kisses that we share will always take me to paradise
Let me lose myself in the mahogany of your eyes
Travel to heaven and back
See I've fallen in love with your perfection
But even deeper with your flaws
If I could capture the sun I would give it to you wrapped in velvet
So you could have maybe half of what you've given me every time you open your eyes
I wish that I could trek through the valleys of your mind…

Freeze time…

And tell you stories of Kings and Queens who ruled land filled with love
You've captured my heart
I Adam
You Eve
Please believe I would write poems of our love on heaven's hallways
So the Angels could understand how much I love you
Let me fall into the depths of your heart and linger there forever

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Outcast Suicide

There she goes
Nothing but a dark spot on an all white plain
Shunned and left out
An outcast simply because she was not the same
No one to wallow in her sorrows
Or accompany her in her pain

Now at home…same story
Daddy left when she was two
And her Mother, she beats her just to make sure that like her, she settles for less
So she opens up her legs to ward off her mother’s sinful burdens
Hit it and quit it
Out in two weeks
Just in it to get it
Makes her all the more weak
But there’s plenty of more fish in the sea right?
Well, all the fish she found were sharks
And they chewed her up
Swallowed her
And excreted her along with their selfish bowels
And the stench of their ignorance

See she was under this worldwide misconception
This worldwide misperception
That every man needs a woman
Every He needs a She
Every Him needs a Her
But see what I’ve discovered is that depending on someone else for your happiness
Brings you nothing but pain and suffering
See this deception will duck and dodge special dilated pupils making it hard for you to decide, decipher, and determine the disease that’s causing your soul’s hurt
Now, if I could talk to her,
I’d say “Don’t worry
Yes I… I’m an outcast too
And what goes around, comes around
So they’ll get back the struggles they’re putting you through”

She was nothing but a pawn in this chess game of life
And everybody seemed to have her in checkmate
She had no one to hand her crown to
The proof of her trials and struggles was tatted within her body
Her heart was split right down the middle… at the meeting of her legs

Now she has nightmares every time she lays in the bed of some stranger,
Selfish fool, slowly slaughtering and tearing away at her innocence
She did not choose to sell her soul and her purity to the Devil
She was given no choice
An outcast
She truly was

She never truly knew anyone based on the simple fact that she did not know herself
She had not yet discovered her lost soul
Her soul was hidden behind dishonesty and every lie she was ever told
Her soul was hidden behind the darkness of her daylight
And the brightness of her dark…her perception of reality
She could not see clearly because her eyes were cluttered with the
Reminiscence of depression and cloudy days that surrounded her
Of her life
Pain and strife
Became the norm

Until one day
One day she decides to take matters into her own hands
9mm chamber pointed directly at her temple…
Cocked back…
Triggers pulled…
An end to the suffering…

jmsterling copyright 2006
All rights reserved

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

For Momma

I've seen angels fly
Across dark brown skies
Everytime tears fall from her eyes
I mean, can you imagine what it's like to see an angel cry

And I know that I'm only a man
But I wish that I could give her the happiness
That I know only God can
I mean take her hand inside my hand
And walk with her to the promised land
And sometimes I pray for the world
Just so I can give it to her
Because she surely is the queen of mine
And I wish that I could reach into her eyes
And pull out her dreams
And give her all her hopes, fantasies and everything
I swear I can hear God screaming her name every time I close my eyes
And she does so much and I don't know why
And sometimes I fall on my knees
And ask God, Most High
I mean can you imagine what i'ts like to see an angel cry
What it's like to spy and see drips from beautiful lips
And all I have to offer is this...
Momma, I love you

And everytime I fall on my knees
Before I go to sleep
To have the dreams He's given to me
I pray for perfection
Just so you can have a taste of what you've given me all my life
When I find my wife
I won't settle for less
I won't settle unless
She's just like you
And yes I do
Thank the Lord
But I know that everything in my life I have you to thank for
Like the poems, the love and so much more

I wish I could write this poem across her heart
So that the blood pumping through her veins
And my words are just the same
Giving her life
I mean, can you imagine what it's like to see tears falling from an angel's eyes
To see an angel cry
I wish my breath could be the one that dries
The moisture from her cheek
And there's so many dreams hidden within her smile on her beautiful face
Like she can make you feel the world with a single embrace
and I'm sure that anyone could testify
That I would do anything to dry the tears... from this angel's eyes

jmsterling copyright 2006
all rights reserved

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Letter to Jesus

You know I often wonder why it is that I live
And yes, I know that God is a god who always forgives
But I've held onto a broken smile way too long
And I'm tired of singing this song
I mean maybe...sometimes... it's good to be wrong
It's like I try too hard to write
If only I could give God my pen
So that every drop of ink that spilt on this paper would come from him

See I'm writing this letter to Jesus
And I can't explain why I'm scared to speak to preachers
Maybe it's cause I'm unworthy of the Word
And I don't know why I don't respond to alter calls
I mean maybe after all this is done
I can look up to the sun and cry
And God, Most High, will dry my eyes

I'm searching and I don't know why
But every day I see angels passing
And I'm dying to show this passion
Just get rid of this facade
I just want to get close to God
But I don't know how, if I fall on my knees
Close my eyes and pray then maybe
I'll find salvation before judment day
But until then
All I have is me, my soul and my pen

And I'm dying to get to know Him
Just find that love
I want to know what it's like to have my mind constantly dwelling in the heavens above
And I can't help but to start believing
That He's the only one that can do away with my demons
I mean, line them up one by one
And march them out my bloodstream
And like soldiers they start leaving

I just want to know the Lord
I'm doing more than just asking for it
I'm praying
I just want peace of mind
This poem is doing more than simply rhyming
Its saying that maybe there's an explanation or a reason why I'm hurting
Entwined in the words in the Bible verses
But I'm scared to look
I feel unworthy to open that book
I feel like whoever wrote the Bible
Must've known what I'm going through
And said I'm... writing this... for you
So whenever you get confused
And don't know what to do
You can just open up and read the truth

I'm getting closer to a solution
I'm getting closer to an answer
With everything that I'm doing
And sometimes...
Sometimes I feel like writing bible verses on my tongue
so any time I speak
Or pray
It's just the same
In Jesus name

copyright 2006
all rights reserved

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Dear Freedom,
I know we haven't spoke in a while
I've lost you in this lone, cruel world
I was confused as a child
From the second of my conception it seems it was doomed
Even after I was born
I was trapped in Momma's womb
From the day of my birth
It was the world not freedom that predicted my worth
And I'm sorry
I regret every soul that I robbed
and everything that I've took
I've grown up too fast
and as a result I'm shook

Yo Freedom, free me
I've been wating a long time
I've tried to find freedom through every verse and a rhyme
I'm illustrating in my mind
The image of Freedom
That I can't seem to find

Yo Freedom, free me
I'm a slave to the ways
On my soul, was spilt blood
Since my face shrieks from a page
I'm from a block where you get shot for wearing the wrong shade
You get beat by your Moms for not misbehavin'
You get punished by the hood for stuff that you ain't done
See thats the block that I'm from

But I was freed from that place along time ago
And you think that I'm weak because my anger I don't show
So you step to me wrong but yo' peep this
I'm cool in my way
but you shouldn't take my kindness for weakness

Yo Freedom, free me
I've been lookin' for love in a flock of pigeons
Looking for that one white dove
Dealing with cock blocked divisions
To find the one from above
The one that'll make me stop and stand at attention
The one that I've been thinking of

Freedom, free me
I'm so under attack
See as a youth I was trapped
I was forced to go snatch some crap
To throw in my sack
Just to make a little scrap
But now I'm cuttin' my shacks
And I'm droppin' my whip
And waiting for Freedom to come and release
This ishhhhh off my back
And attack my villians
And heal my wounds
God, I know we ain't spoke in a while
but is Freedom coming soon
As the white man speaks of freedom
His freedom I don't see
I just sit back and I wait for Freedom to free me
For Freedom to free me

jmsterling copyright 2006
all rights reserved

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I Hate to Cry

You know I have to say
One of my least favorite things to do is cry
I don’t know why
But lately it seems like pleasure and pain come in partners
And I’d rather have my heart stop
Than to feel one more tear drop
Fall down my cheek
Making me feel weak
See, I’m supposed to be a man
Never a tear in sigth
Just hide my emotions
May everything seem alright
Even when it’s not
See I’ve never tasted a poison worse than teardrops
And you know, no matter what the reason
No matter how I’m feeling
Tears are still tears
And I hate crying
And I just can’t seem to keep my cheeks dry
And sometimes I feel like my heart holds onto whatever hurts me
And it’s like my smile is slain
I’ve become accustomed to this pain
I just can’t stop these hurricanes
in my eyes
For some reason
I continue to cry
It’s like every up comes with a down
Every smile with a frown
I know I sounds selfish
But I feel like I deserve more than this
Just give me sunshine for my rain
Happiness in exchange for my pain
Maybe I should expect bad
So that when bad comes
Like it always does I won’t be surprised
And tears won’t fall from my eyes
See I…
I hate to cry
And I swear I hear Lucifer’s voice calling
Every time tears start falling
See it’s hard for me to see God’s face
In a place covered in the fog created by my evaporated tears
In the space existing between my ears
I should cry daily
Because they say if you stand in a storm long enough
And absorb that pain long enough
You get used to the rain
I mean if you can make pearl out of a grain of sand on the ground
Then why not a smile out of my frown
And a giggle out of my whimper
Every day feels like December
cold, and never dry
I don’t know why
But I know I
Hate to cry
Maybe one day
My tears will dry
And I can laugh like angels reminiscing in the sky
God Bless

copyright 2006
all rights reserved